At Douglas Okun & Associates, we believe that every project represents a unique opportunity to create an elegant space - an innovative visual signature - that is both functional and inspiring. This is the creative commitment that informs all of our work. The pursuit of visual individuality is derived from three factors:

Vision is a blend of imagination and creativity that motivates action.

Cost Efficiency
Our track record demonstrates an unwavering ability to work within tight budgets. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet today's fast-changing budget and project management challenges without compromising the quality, elegance, or visual impact of the project.

We measure excellence by visual grace, quality of space, functional usage, and tight project management. Whether it's a stand-alone project or an 11-year development program for Harvard University, we believe excellence means meeting all of the client's needs. At DOA, we focus not just on one or two key areas, but on all major aspects of the project.